Always in our thoughts, Forever in our hearts

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of our beloved teacher, colleague and scientist Gagik Grigoryan. A person who has made a great contribution to the development of education and science in our country. A person without whom we would not have had Ayb, a new quality of education, and an unprecedented educational movement in Armenia that has transformed the lives of many students, colleagues, and friends.

It was Gagik Grigoryan’s influence, dedicated work, and passion for education that united Ayb’s co-founders around the idea of Ayb, aiming to create a globally competitive education system in Armenia, based on critical thinking, innovation, and creativity. With these principles, Gagik Vardanich inspired his students to science and infected them with education. And aspired by those principles, Ayb founders formed and implemented the vision and goal of the Ayb educational movement, as a gratitude for the contribution of their beloved teacher, Gagik Grigoryan, in their lives and on the path of self-realization.

Gagik Grigoryan stood at the origins of Ayb from the very beginning, joining the foundation team in 2008 and participating in the development of innovative educational projects. Since the founding of Ayb School, in 2011, he had also taught at the school, continuing to educate and inspire with science 11 generations of Ayb, about 500 students in total.

He was also the authorized representative of the Kangaroo International Competition in Armenia organized by the Ayb Educational Foundation since 2008. It is thanks to him that this competition came to Armenia and Artsakh and created a huge math movement with 445,152 participants.

Gagik Grigoryan was not only a dedicated teacher but also a scientist whose contribution to the education system in Armenia is invaluable. He is a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, was a member of the jury of international olympiads, and headed the Armenian teams of physics olympiads. Under his leadership, Armenia won dozens of medals at international physics olympiads. Since 1983, Gagik Grigoryan worked at PhysMath School as a physics teacher and researcher. He is the author and co-author of 35 scientific articles and over 30 textbooks and manuals. Gagik Grigoryan was a true embodiment of the values on the basis of which Ayb was created and has been guided to this date. He inspires us all to strive for excellence in everything we do. His legacy will continue to illuminate the education system of Armenia.

Rest in peace, dear Gagik Vardanich. Your contribution will always be remembered, for your students will cherish and keep the torch of knowledge burning. We express our sincere condolences and support to Gagik Grigoryan’s family and friends and share in the sorrow and sadness of this loss.

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