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  •  I want to be a programmer and Kangaroo is a part of this path

I want to be a programmer and Kangaroo is a part of this path

12 February / 2020


Ruben is a fifth-grade student at the Secondary School No. 1 named after A. Sargsyan in Tegh village. He demonstrated the best results in Kangaroo 2019 in Syunik region. He was also the best during the Meghu 2018 competition in Syunik.

The registration for Kangaroo 2020 has started and Ruben has already managed to register for the competition. He says he is going to win this year, to be an absolute winner, he has decided so. “I am doing my best, I am studying a lot and solving many exercises to achieve this goal.”


Ruben says he is fond of this mathematical competition since it makes think and develops logic: “My teacher gives us additional math problems to encourage thinking deeper and getting ready for the competition.”

Ruben has participated in the competition since the third grade and has demonstrated the best result for the first time this year.

“As one of the winners I visited a lot of interesting places and met interesting people in the capital this year. I have been much impressed particularly with the Zangak printing house; I found myself in the world of books, miscellaneous books, adventures. I had never seen before how the book is being made. I also dreamed of meeting the Prime Minister. And all of this happened in just one day.

My sisters had taken part in Kangaroo—this is how I learned about the competition and decided to participate by all means. My mother and grandfather are mathematicians. I want to be a programmer and Kangaroo is a part of this path.


The problems of Kangaroo are both easy and hard. But I am excited that these problems are not similar to the ones in the standard textbooks and require more thinking and logic. From my standpoint this is what makes Kangaroo different from other math competitions— the problems are more diverse and interesting. Kangaroo also helped me to overcome my tension: in the beginning I was very scared.

I have already registered for Kangaroo 2020 and advise that others also register and have an attempt, make new friends, develop their logical thinking and have cool presents.”

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