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Ayb is 10

10 October / 2016

2016 is a year of celebration for Ayb. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the birth of idea of the Ayb Club and the Ayb Educational Foundation.

On this occasion, a series of educational events were held on October 7-9.

On October 7, Ayb organized a big public event in the Cafesjian Sculpture Garden (the Cascade). At first, the guests were welcome in the booth-classroom where they not only enjoyed but also became part of a number of engaging model lessons and scientific experiments on Programming, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Arts. The booth-classroom held people’s attention for around two hours in a row and was then followed by a concert-seminar, a non-standard format for concerts. All the guests delighted in the performances of the Ayb School Choir, the Battle of Evermore band and AyBAr dance group.

In addition to other festive events, Ayb School hosted master classes on October 8. The classes were delivered by Ayb Club members – globally known specialists David Yang (Cofounder and Chairman of ABBYY, iiko and Findo, U.S.), Ruben Harutyunyan (entrepreneur, Founder and General Director of Henderson Group of Companies, Russia), and Aram Pakhchanian (Vice President of ABBYY, Head of Ayb School, Armenia).

During the master classes we learned and discussed topics such as when Artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to excel human intelligence, which is more important in business – people or processes and what the school of future should be like.

October 9 was entirely devoted to sports because Ayb Games, already a traditional event for the community, were held on that day.

Throughout its 10 years of work, the Ayb Foundation has realized over 20 educational programs and initiatives that have become prototypes and have contributed to the development of the overall education system. The most significant and large-scale projects include Ayb School and Dilijan Central School, the National Program for Educational Excellence along with the new educational program Araratian Baccalaureate, and beloved and well-known international school competitions (Kangaroo – Math for All, Russian Bear Cub – Linguistics for All, Meghu – Armenian Language for All, etc.).

In total, thanks to Ayb, USD 21.118.503 have been channeled towards the implementation of educational programs in Armenia and Artsakh (throughout 2007-2015).

The real wealth of Ayb are the people who have united around the idea of transforming our lives and future through education. Today the Ayb Club unites 39 like-minded people from different corners of the world, and the list of Ayb’s benefactors comprises over 200 donors and supporters from different countries.

To learn more about the 10th anniversary events as well es Ayb’s achievements over these years, visit Ayb's storify page.


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