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Challenges as a Start for New Opportunities

11 September / 2020


We are pleased to inform that the Kangaroo 2020 international mathematical competition will take place online on October 4.

The coronavirus-related challenges could not hold the Ayb Educational Foundation back from organizing an ongoing educational celebration for thousands of children and coming up with innovative and timely solutions. Ayb’s massive school contests are transferring to an online platform, enabling thousands of children to test their knowledge and logic via modern technological solutions while participating in the largest educational movement in Armenia.


Owing to the cooperation between the Ayb Educational Foundation and Aist Global LLC, Kangaroo 2020 will finally take place on the Uteach platform. This year, Kangaroo will be held online for the first time.


We are hopeful that the organization of the contest in a new format will serve as a new impetus for the integration of innovations and authentic projects in our education.

Watch our Armenian video story of the Kangaroo international mathematical competition!

We wish success to all Kangaroo fans!

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