Ayb Educational Foundation is starting cooperation with 42 mentor schools


Considering the challenges faced by schools in the difficult process of implementing the state standards for general education and following the priorities outlined at the February meeting by the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Zhanna Andreasyan, we recently initiated an online meeting with the principals of the mentor schools selected by the ministry.

During the meeting:

-  We presented the range of our possible support, based on the needs identified before;

- The principles of AB candidate schools and Tavush schools presented their experience of Ayb professional training;

- We discussed the main issues and goals of the mentor schools with the principals.

Summing up, we expressed our readiness to do the following for the next four months:

- provide schools with a series of project-based learning video lessons and run related interactive online workshops,

- conduct webinars on the concept, purpose, and significance of mentoring,

- bring out other topics and formats of cooperation based on the needs and priorities of schools.

At the suggestion of the participants, Ayb will soon create a joint working platform, giving an opportunity for joint discussions of best practices, identification of current issues, and effective solutions.

Building and strengthening institutions of leadership, mutual support, and mentoring in the education system is one of our biggest goals.

Having the best experience in Araratian Baccalaureate, in training Tavush teachers and school management staff with the new state standards for general education, as well as in project-based learning, Ayb is ready to become a guiding platform for the development of the community of mentor schools and, under their leadership, of the development of other schools in the country as well.

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