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  • The Artsakh Team Won the Tournament of Young Chemists

The Artsakh Team Won the Tournament of Young Chemists

11 May / 2021

On May 9, the final of the Tournament of Young Chemists was summarized. The Monteaberd team of Artsakh, scoring 275 points, was recognized as the winner. The teams representing YSMU High School—Heratsi, Helium, Oganesson—were also in the final. The Heratsi team took the second place, and the Helium finished third.

The Ayb Educational Foundation organizes Armenian chemistry tournaments for both schoolchildren and undergraduates, aiming to stimulate interest in scientific and technological subjects among them. Especially today our country has a great demand for the development of natural sciences as a basis for several important fields, and this basis should be formed at school.

The Tournament of Young Chemists helps students learn to present their problem-solving skills in an interesting way by becoming skillful at presenting a scientific report and providing opponent’s feedback. The tournament contributes to strengthening inter-community ties as well as deepens the link between education, science and labor market.

Besides team prizes, individual prizes were also awarded in the categories “Best Speaker,” “Best Reviewer,” “Best Opponent" and “Best Captain.” Moreover, Oleg Kamalyan, professor at the Chair of Physical and Colloids Chemistry of YSU, gave Mendeleev's periodic table with the inscription of Yuri Oganessian to the winning team as a present. The 118th element of the periodic table, oganesson, has been named after Oganessian.

ProfHolod and Nairian, the sponsors of the Tournament of Young Chemists, have made a great contribution to the organization of the tournament. This proves that private companies can have a great contribution to the development and practical expression of scientific thought.

On May 9, the Artsakh team laid one of the strongest scientific bases for building the future.

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