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  • Thanks for taking a liking to chemistry, dear participants!

Thanks for taking a liking to chemistry, dear participants!

19 February / 2020


Meet Vache Gharibyan, a participant of the Tournament for Chemistry Students to be held for the first time, and a final-year student at the Pharmaceutical-Pharmacological Department of Russian-Armenian University.


About participation in the contest:

“We learned about the tournament and decided to  represent our university, forming a team and naming it RAU after our alma mater. My speciality is chemistry, and I think the tournament will be interesting for all the participant teams. I know there’s the All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists for schoolchildren, for which the student tournament is a contentual continuation. The questions of the tournament have been selected to be interesting and comprehensive for both seniors and juniors. The format was also a novelty for me.”


About further contest development:

“I envisage the contest to further develop on international platforms, enabling new opportunities for students and cooperation with the best international universities. I think the contest may become regional in the near future, being harmonized with all the international standards and scientificity. I am sure it will.”


The tournament also aims to put the employers in contact with the students in the field, thus contributing to the reinforcement of the student-employer relations.

“I think it’s a unique initiative towards linking the labor market with the employers; it’s a commendable and useful idea. I think the employers may lack awareness on the education level nowadays and on the students currently involved in educational processes or on their potential. If this platform is efficient, the employer will be informed about the students and departments in this field, while the students will be more motivated to become competitive specialists. Interest towards the students will help improve the educational process as well, like a chain reaction.”


On the impact of the contest on the increased interest towards chemistry as a subject:

“True, the process has started from the schools, owing to the All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists launched by the Ayb Educational Foundation. The latter now focuses on the students as well, further motivating them to continue their education in the field to become specialists in high demand. Only in this case will the applied sciences be both interesting and prestigious to engage in.”


Vache wishes to pursue his educational path: “I prefer not to plan too far ahead; my short-term objective is to get admitted into a PhD program to expand my specialization, following which I will try to pursue a science degree and contribute my knowledge to the development of my field.

Thanks for taking a liking to chemistry, dear participants! See you at the tournament!”

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