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  • RA President Armen Sargsyan’s message to Khan Academy

RA President Armen Sargsyan’s message to Khan Academy

15 September / 2021

Dear students and teachers,

dear participants of the Science and Education Project,

First of all, I would like to congratulate all of you on the occasion of the new academic year and wish you every success and new achievements.

Knowledge is the best key to unlock all the doors. You have already taken steps in that direction and have yourself become certain about it. In today’s dynamic world having that key is more than necessary, particularly in our country’s case.

Our greatest asset is human being, whom we should treat with care. The dominant tendencies in the world urge us to grow more confident with each step we take and to have faith in ourselves and the goals set.

I am sure you have consciously chosen your vocation or specialization and not merely because they are seen as fashionable nowadays. All the fields and branches of science and all the subjects taught at school and university should be respected, for knowledge is the driving force that lies in their basis. I personally know many that have not only found the intersection of physics and literature but also manage to orchestrate those in parallel alignment. There is nothing impossible or unlikely in the modern digital world. In that sense, the development of Khan Academy’s  online educational platform in the Armenian language is commendable, as it creates equal opportunities for all those who aspire to learn, self-educate and acquire new knowledge. 

The perceptions of the value systems and the attitude and evaluation of the natural phenomena and science change along with the changing world. As a nation and country, we should have our input in the modern scientific developments, particularly given our great scientific traditions and globally renowned scientists, whose names can bring honor to every nation and state.

I have high expectations of our today’s generation, in particular․ I wish to believe that we will still hear the names of those of you and your generation that will restore our high benchmarks in science and education and attain new achievements.

You should trust your own abilities and potential, and your goals and dreams will no longer seem unrealistic.

I wish you every success today and tomorrow, both in real and virtual worlds, which are only relatively distinguished nowadays.


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