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  • Multiplying Educational Opportunities: The ForMath Competition Has a Winner

Multiplying Educational Opportunities: The ForMath Competition Has a Winner

17 March / 2023

The second educational and charitable ForMath competition took place at the initiative of the Ayb Educational Foundation. This year, this mathematics and logic competition had the motto "Multiplying Educational Opportunities" and brought together the teams of five leading companies operating in Armenia—Converse Bank, Team Telecom Armenia, Telcell, and SoftConstruct—and the team of localizers of Khan Academy Armenia. Based on the results of five rounds, the SoftConstruct team, which hosted the event, was declared the winner, beating the Team Telecom team in the final.

The competition aims to unite Armenia-based organizations, whose sectoral, professional and general development is based on mathematics, around natural sciences and around the importance of education itself, and to make a joint contribution to the provision of free quality learning resources in Armenian in the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh.

The membership fees of the participating teams will be fully directed to the localization of high-quality learning materials of Khan Academy, the largest international online educational platform, which the Ayb Educational Foundation has been doing since 2017.


The content on the platform is in Armenian, is free of charge and is aligned with the RA state educational standards, ensuring continuity of education for everyone and everywhere. This is especially important in emergencies where children’s right to education is violated, such as epidemics, wars or blockades.


In her address to the participants of the competition, Sona Koshetsyan, Executive Director of the Foundation, noted, “With your support and participation, you contribute to the localization of one more section on the Armenian-language platform of the Khan Academy. You are giving the opportunity to access free and high-quality educational content not only to children but also to teachers regardless of location; you are giving the opportunity to self-educate, learn and play at any age. This is a unique charity, which everyone does with their knowledge, participation and contribution."


The first ForMath took place in 2021 with the participation of eight companies mainly from the IT field. With the funds raised as a result of the competition, 65 math videos were localized, which are now available to all students, parents and teachers on the Armenian-language platform of Khan Academy.

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