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"Meghu" and "Ayb" projects will be presented on Viber

12 December / 2022

From now on, the Ayb Educational Foundation will be presented on yet another new platform, which will enable more beneficiaries to get involved in various educational programs. 


The Foundation is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with Viber, one of the most popular communication platforms in Armenia. 


As part of the partnership, the Foundation has launched the Ayb Educational Foundation channel and its chatbot via Viber. Here you can find the Ayb Educational Foundation’s new and large-scale programs and events.  


This collaboration is starting along with one of Ayb’s most large-scale programs, ‘’Meghu – Armenian for All’’ contest, which unites 3-12-grade students from the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora around the Armenian language and logical thinking.  


Throughout the partnership, engaging educational visual tools will be jointly created and distributed, and quizzes, competitions and various other events will be run. 


All materials will be available in the ‘‘Interesting’’ section and will be free to download and use.  

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