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  • Khan is coming to Gyumri

Khan is coming to Gyumri

26 March / 2021

The Ayb Educational Foundation together with its partners—the representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, the U.S. Embassy and Shirak Regional Administration—has announced the launch of a new project of Khan Academy Armenia in Gyumri. A number of workshops are going to be organized for teachers of natural and exact sciences (chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics) in public schools. The workshops and the expansion of Khan Academy's subject list have become a reality thanks to the funding of the U.S. Embassy, creating a new opportunity for development in scientific and technological sphere in our country.        


Welcoming this new opportunity for teachers, Sona Koshetsyan, executive director of the Ayb Educational Foundation, presented how Khan Academy has grown from a student volunteer initiative into a voluminous online educational database, which is currently an important component of individualized learning and educational routine. Zhanna Andreasyan, deputy minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, also stated the efficiency of the platform, noting that during the pandemic the Ayb Educational Foundation and particularly Khan Academy’s Armenian platform were one of the firsts to respond to the ministry’s call to ensure the educational continuity. She paid special attention to the compliance of Khan Academy’s materials with the new academic standards and also mentioned: “The implementation of new educational technologies, enhancement of the quality of teaching through that way, and educational solidarity make it possible to share the accumulated experience in one single place, to distribute good resources and achieve multiple results in different schools.’’                    

Hasmik Mikayelyan, the U.S. Embassy's education specialist, emphasized the importance of  expanding educational arsenal through flexibility and technology during hard times, considering Khan Academy such a platform that combines the tools of self-learning and quality classroom education for scientific and technological sphere. "Education has gone beyond the frameworks of traditional classroom and textbooks; it requires more resource-based approaches," thinks the representative of the Embassy.


Khan Academy is a free educational platform designed for teachers, students and just those who are engaged in self-learning. Anush Ayvazyan, head of Khan Academy Armenia, introduced the tool set, the opportunities availed by the platform, and the workshops to be held for the teachers of Gyumri to around 40 people attending the event. She particularly emphasized the role of Khan Academy’s ambassador-teachers in making new educational technologies available to as many partners as possible, and in sharing the already accumulated successful experience with them. Teachers find it important to be part of this large educational community, where the best experiences and innovative methods are implemented—especially the tools for a hybrid way of education, which are currently in great demand. Shirak Regional Administration, as mentioned by Hrayr Karapetyan, head of the Education, Culture and Sport Department of the Shirak Regional Administration, is also waiting for Khan Academy and is ready to support the workshops in Gyumri.


Thus, Khan Academy is expanding its geography even more and is including new beneficiaries, making  Armenian-language quality education available to everyone, everywhere.

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