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  • Khan Academy Armenia summarizes the outcomes of the workshops held in Tavush

Khan Academy Armenia summarizes the outcomes of the workshops held in Tavush

27 May / 2020


Aiming to contribute to the accessibility of free quality educational materials in RA marzes and in cooperation with the Tavush Marz Governor’s Office, Khan Academy Armenia organized 21 workshops in October-December 2019 for the school teachers and students in the borderline communities of the marz.

Owing to this initiative, 360 students of 5th-8th grades from 19 borderline village schools of Tavush Marz received an opportunity to deepen their knowledge in mathematics, while 25 teachers could improve the learning quality through application of new materials and technologies.

As a result, a considerable number of teachers and students from Tavush Marz schools are currently using Khan Academy’s free online website localized in the Armenian language by the Ayb Educational Foundation.

Khan Academy also organized a contest for those students from Tavush borderline communities that had participated in the workshops. The contest aimed to motivate the students to seek a more extensive and coordinated learning experience on the website, earning as many scores as possible. Twenty-seven students out of the participants of the contest have earned 150 000 and more scores, and incentive surprise gifts from Khan Academy are awaiting at Tavush Marz Governor’s Office to be soon distributed to the winners.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ararat Simonyan, who showed the best result in the contest, and to his teacher! Ararat studies at Kirants Basic School No. 7 named after Gagik Vardanyan and has earned a total of 566 061 scores.

Having congratulated all the students and teachers that had participated in the workshops, as well as the winners, Gayane Aramyan, head of Khan Academy Armenia, emphasized the importance of creating new opportunities for every child and of revealing their abilities. “It was very exciting to apply modern technologies in the most remote communities and to witness the results right away. The pandemic has made the need more visible, and we are positive that the innovative education of the 21st century should have no limits,” said the head of Khan Academy Armenia.

Distance learning at the borderline community schools of Tavush Marz was piloted in November 2019, and the students have been continuously using the website materials during the current state of emergency, which proves that Khan Academy’s workshops are more than efficient for teachers and students and contribute to the improvement of education quality.


About Khan Academy

 Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that was established in 2006 and is guided by the motto, “Provision of free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” Online education is organized through videos at Khan Academy, making it possible to self-study and reinforce one’s knowledge of different subjects through educational materials and exercises.

On the Ayb Educational Foundation’s initiative, starting from 2017, Khan Academy’s materials have been localized, making the platform accessible for the Armenian learners. With the help of Khan Academy, learners, parents, teachers and those practicing self-education can make use of one of the world’s leading educational resources free of charge and learn mathematics, computer science and programming, arts, finances and capital market, entrepreneurship, education, natural sciences and other subjects online.

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