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If It Weren’t for Kangaroo, I Would Consider Mathematics an Ordinary Subject

09 March / 2021

Elina Ohanjanyan is one of the winners of the first online Kangaroo 2020 contest. She is studying at Physics and Mathematics Specialized School named after A. Shahinyan adjacent to YSU. She graduates from the school this year.


I had applied to the American University of Armenia and yesterday I got a response, informing of my enrollment. That means from September I’m going to study  at the department of Data Science of AUA. Currently it is a very popular profession.

I have been participating in Kangaroo since the 3rd grade, receiving awards, but I have never won. This year, for the first time, I have been recognized as the winner of the contest. I was so glad; I didn’t expect to win. I knew my score would be high as it was easier than it was in the other years; the problems seemed easier and I was calmer. Usually the contest at school was stressful; I was very distracted, but I wrote more easily sitting quietly at home. In any case, I didn’t expect to write so well.  


Kangaroo in My Life

I have always been good at almost every subject in school, but when I started to participate in Kangaroo, I began studying math or just solving Kangaroo’s problems. That's exactly how I started to do mathemetics more and realized that I like it more than other subjects. If I had not participated in Kangaroo, maybe I wouldn’t have applied to Physmath  School and have been enrolled in. Applying to that school was one of the biggest reasons I continued my education in mathematics.

I can say for sure that if it were not for Kangaroo, I would consider mathematics an ordinary school subject. And mathematics was more like a hobby than just a subject I was learning for school.


Kangaroo is About Logic

For mathematics lovers, it is fun to solve the problems of Kangaroo. They are very different from the ones at school or olympiads and are completely related to the logic. That means, it is not necessary to know the school material for being able to solve problems. You can just take part in the contest and check yourself, your logic. I have Kangaroo’s several problem books that I’ve received as a gift for showing the best result. Sometimes I solve problems and enjoy mathematical logic just for spending time.


In the 21st Century Online

At first I was very skeptical about the contest being organized online, and there were really problems related to the platform. However, they were fixed.

While writing and after writing, I realized the positive side of doing online: I'm not sitting in the classroom now. I’m not thinking about who has left the classroom or that time will pass soon (during the contests you are constantly reminded about it, which, in its turn, makes you anxious). That's why it was very pleasant for me to solve problems at home—quietly, in silence. I felt like doing my favorite hobby rather than participating in just a contest.

Well, our school system urgently needs changes and bold innovations in line with the 21st century.


The Kangaroo 2021 contest will be held online on March 21. You can register here.

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