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  • From Tournament of Young Chemists to Chemoinformatics Bootcamp

From Tournament of Young Chemists to Chemoinformatics Bootcamp

20 October / 2021

What intersection can exist between the Tournament of Young Chemists and the Chemoinformatics Bootcamp, you might ask. At that intersection stands Gevorg Avanesyan, the captain of the winning team of the Tournament of Young Chemists 2020 and presently the participant of the Chemoinformatics Bootcamp.


About Chemoinformatics

Chemoinformatics combines pharmaceutical chemistry and programming. In pharmaceutical chemistry classes, we learn how to produce a drug from start to finish and reach that goal, while programming helps to facilitate the pharmaceutical work. Such combination of branches allows us to conduct pharmaceutical analyses and create our own model of a drug.


About the Bootcamp

The bootcamp, figuratively speaking, is a wall to which, with each course, I add something new for myself. And although the outcome is not visible yet, I can already imagine what can be achieved in the end. I single out a few things for myself in each course, with the intention of using them in the end. The lessons are mostly practical․ Through programming, we apply the theory learned from pharmacology into practice. The combination works great. From both theoretical and  practical points of view, you start to understand and evaluate everything. There are very few courses in this branch, while what we learn, will be very useful both in further activities and in research work. We learn many digital analytical methods that you will not learn anywhere else.


About the Tournament of Young Chemists

The Tournament of Young Chemists brought me to the world of chemistry and helped me to be in the center of attention of specialists. This makes it easier for me to get involved in different courses.


About the Programs of the Ayb Educational Foundation

I am in favor of all Ayb programs․ I can see that they are trying to solve modern problems, and chemoinformatics is one of them. Where there is wit, there is a need for new things, new and modern skills.



The Chemoinformatics Bootcamp is held in cooperation with the Ayb Educational Foundation, Denovo Sciences and FAST (Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology). SolarOn, the Foundation's permanent partner of chemistry tournaments, is also the partner of the program.

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