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  • Ayb Educational Foundation and Idram will collaborate on mass competitions

Ayb Educational Foundation and Idram will collaborate on mass competitions

19 January / 2023

By signing a memorandum of understanding on January 16, the Ayb Educational Foundation and Idram payment system announced their cooperation in education. Idram will support Ayb’s mass competitions. The start has already been given within the Meghu 2022 Armenian language competition.


In pursuit of creating a literate and competitive generation, both organizations are ready to collaborate on educational initiatives.


Sona Koshetsyan, executive director of the Ayb Educational Foundation, says it is very delightful that Idram has joined the Meghu competition: "We appreciate that cooperation with Idram will not end here, and through Ayb's competitions, along with our partners, we will be able to not only promote the interest in school subjects but also develop children’s financial literacy skills from an early age."


According to Idram director Arsen Kdenyan, it is a great honor for the company to become a partner of exclusive educational competitions. "We hope that the scope of this cooperation will expand even further in the future and our schoolchildren will have the opportunity to get additional platforms, for example, in the field of finance, to increase their awareness in addition to the knowledge of the main subjects. For this purpose, we have also created the Idram Junior application, which we are sureyoung people will study and use with great interest," said Arsen Kdenyan.


On December 26 and 27, thousands of 3rd-12th-grade children from the RA and Artsakh took part in the world's largest school competition of the Armenian language, about 7,800 registered participants. On December 19, it was held in a separate stage for Armenian language learners of the Diaspora.


The partnership will also include joint courses on financial literacy, in which Idram Junior will be an integral part. Idram Junior is an app for kids aged 8-16, which is a great opportunity for kids to learn how to manage cashless pocket money and allows parents to monitor their kids' financial activities.




The Ayb Educational Foundation is a non-profit public organization that has been implementing educational programs in the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora since 2006. Ayb’s school competitions alone have had 739,000 participants since the start.

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