The Ayb Educational Foundation Has a New Composition of Board of Trustees

The new composition of the Ayb Educational Foundation's Board of Trustees has been formed by intra-community elections. The 10th BoT comprising the below listed members will exercise its powers for a period of two years, starting from December 1.

Aram Pakhchanyan

David Pakhchanyan

Tigran Harutyunyan

Hagop Momjian

Karo Sargsyan

Aram Pakhchanyan is re-elected as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The elections of the Foundation's top management body took place according to the current regulation, with the principles of transparency, community inclusion and efficiency. Consisting of devotees standing behind the Ayb idea, this governing body will steer the Foundation toward new and significant educational goals, upholding Ayb's mission to make the best education available to everyone.

Main News

Formation of the Boards of Trustees has begun

The composition of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Educational Foundation and of Ayb School is formed for the term of two years, based on a participatory and open model.

When Education Transforms the Future

We have recently summarized the Ayb Hybrid Learning program in an online format.

From Now on, Contests Lab will Hold the Kangaroo, Meghu and a Number of Other Contests

Ayb Educational Foundation has transferred the rights to hold the contests it has created and organized since 2008 to the Contests’ Lab educational NGO.
Last News

Ayb Foundation has new Executive Director

Ayb Foundation's new Executive Director, Gohar Hovhannisyan, addressed a message for the community and public.

Ayb Attended IACAC’s 30th Conference

About 1,500 educational organizations—schools, colleges, and universities from around the world—participate in this conference, making it one of the largest events in the world.

Teachers and Students Implement Project-Based Learning on Environmental Issues in Six Regions of Armenia

UNICEF and the Ayb Education Foundation concluded the results of Armenia’s first massive endeavor to use project-based learning in six marzes to tackle climate change and environmental issues.
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