For Teachers

One of our big goals is to build a strong teaching community in Armenia.

What We Offer

Teachers’ training and continuous capacity building are an integral part of Ayb’s mission. As an organization with many years of experience in the field of education, we transfer this good practice to teachers through various initiatives. Ayb started this process many years ago when introducing the new methods of teachers' capacity building and teaching as part of the Araratian Baccalaureate program.

Ayb Academy has institutionalized the teachers’ training process and aims to contribute to the introduction of the teachers' leadership institute. Our vision is to create a unified learning platform for specialists from Armenia, Artsakh, and the Diaspora. The platform will promote the dissemination of innovative pedagogical and methodological ideas in the field of education, fostering a culture of mutual learning.

Ayb conducts teachers’ training programs not only in cooperation with local state and private organizations but also with international organizations. One of Ayb’s latest two major initiatives includes a capacity-building program for teachers in cooperation with UNICEF. It is currently underway in Armenia’s six marzes, as part of the Adolescents for Climate Action in Communities program. Through the other program, Ayb provided training for STEM teachers and management staff in Tavush marz for over a year, with the aim of implementing new state educational standards in public educational institutions.

Khan Academy, the largest international online learning platform localized by Ayb, offers excellent free online learning opportunities for teachers. Especially in times of emergencies, it is considered one of the top online learning platforms. Ayb regularly organizes courses and workshops for teachers who are familiar with the platform and those who are new to it. We also form a community of Khan Academy’s ambassador teachers in RA marzes and Artsakh, aiming to expand the availability of the platform's free, high-quality and Armenian-language resources to a larger number of beneficiaries.


The Educational Movement by Numbers


Teachers and schools' management staff trained by Ayb Academy’s team


Through its programs, Ayb supports over 1100 schools (70% of the schools in Armenia and Artsakh)

11 393

Teachers that have been registered on Khan Academy’s platform