For Partners

Our partners appreciate the true value of education.

What We Offer

Goodwill Dinner is an auction of charity dinners with famous people. The auction winners donate to the Ayb Educational Foundation's scholarship fund and, as a gesture of gratitude, get a chance to meet our guests at one of our partner restaurants.

Formath is a mathematical competition designed for organizations in the technology, banking, and telecommunications sectors. The organizations take part in the competition by paying a membership fee, and the participation fees are directed to the localization of Khan Academy's materials, ensuring their free accessibility for everyone.

The Formula for Success is a platform for free open master classes and presentations about the paths to success that have been taken by renowned and accomplished individuals. Any people that have their own formula for success and are willing to share it, helping young people to become established, have the opportunity to become speakers in this project.

You can cooperate with us within the scope of Khan Academy’s projects. Your contribution supports the simple mission of providing Armenian children worldwide with a free access to world-class quality education and enabling them to use quality Armenian-language educational materials free of charge.

In place of New Year's gifts, we offer our partners to make a small contribution to one of our projects. We accompany it with a nice letter to their partners, stating that the gift is, for instance, the localization of math video lessons for fifth-grade students on the Khan Academy platform.

We also welcome non-financial (pro bono) support, such as contributing to our projects with gifts, services, training, excursions, and other offers that companies may provide.