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World Robot Olympiad

Starting 2016, Ayb Educational Foundation introduced another world known competition in Armenia, the World Robot Olympiad. Ayb is the only official representative of the Olympiad in Armenia and organizer on the national competition. With this Olympiad Ayb seeks to promote the teaching of robotics, programming and engineering in Armenian schools and encourage students to participate in international competitions and Olympiads.

Students aged 10-19 are eligible to participate in the competition in teams. The tasks of the WRO national competition are the same as those of the international event. The winner(s) of the national round will be awarded the main prize – a ticket to the WRO international competition. Ayb Educational Foundation will cover the participation costs of the winning team(s).


Registration is now open for the national round of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) and will continue until May 4, 2020.

If you have a robotics group, a coach or a group leader assisting 10-19-year-olds to obtain the knowledge and skills required for working with Lego Mindstorms EV3/NXT education kits, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this fun and interactive competition! The WRO national round will take place in June of the current year, and this time, the topic will focus on climate issues, the most vital challenges for Planet Earth.


To participate in the contest, you can register here:  


Follow the links below to familiarize yourselves with the competition rules:

Code of Conduct 

WRO 2020 General Rules

Regular Category implementation rules

Regular Category_Elementary

Regular Category _Junior

Regular Category _Senior 

Regular Category _WeDo 

Open Category



We cooperate
We thank all the organizations listed below for their valuable any support in the realization of this project:


WRO Advisory Council

Rostelecom Armenia

Creative Educational Technologies

Krtutyun Weekly
Mediamax News Agency
Vem Radio


26 000 teams

from 65 countries

participate in the World Robot Olympiade annually

  • World Robot Olympiad
  • World Robot Olympiad
  • World Robot Olympiad
  • World Robot Olympiad
  • World Robot Olympiad
  • World Robot Olympiad

2750+ students from 65 countries

participate in international stage each year

10 teams took part in the national round of WRO 2019

held on June 23 at Yerevan Expo Center

WRO objectives:



students in practical scientific activities.


Kindle interest

in math, programming and physics and strengthen interdisciplinary ties.



students' logic and engineering skills.



students’ teamwork skills.



the use of theoretical knowledge in practice.



students to create.