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Mathematica Summer Camp

Ayb Educational Foundation in collaboration with Wolfram Research grants Armenian students the opportunity to patriciate in the Mathematica Summer Camp program which is an intensive 12-day program for high school students who will continue their education through grades 11 and 12. At the camp, students learn modern programming techniques and different methods of mathematical calculations through lectures and coding. Based on the students’ programming skills and subject choice, they are assigned tasks and individual projects. Students have a chance to work with the Wolfram Research team and teachers, cooperate with peers, get expert opinions and learn to work individually.


Two students in 2014, with the support of Ayb Foundation and Wolfram Research, and four students in 2015, thanks for the donation from the Hirair and Anna Foundation, participated in the Mathematica Summer Camp from Armenia.

For more information, please visit the camp website.




students participants from various parts of the world

join the Mathematica Summer Camp each year.

  • Mathematica Summer Camp
  • Mathematica Summer Camp
  • Mathematica Summer Camp

6 students from Yerevan, Dilijan and Vanadzor

participated in the camp in 2014 and 2015

Scholarships worth $12,500

Ayb, with the support of sponsors, has provided to the participant students

To participate in the camp you must be:


a student

High school students are eligible to apply.


<18 years old

Participants must be under the age of 18 when leaving for the camp.


proficient in math

Participants must have advanced knowledge of mathematics.


literate in English

Knowledge of spoken and written English is necessary.