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Summer School: Applied psychometrics in psychology and education

Advanced psychometric methods can strengthen research findings and improve assessment practice. 


Ayb educational Foundation invites you to the Psychometrics Summer School based on the program of HSE institute of education to deepen your knowledge of the theoretical foundations and to demonstrate the possibilities of their application to empirical data. 

                               The deadline of application is extended to May 10th.


The Psychometrics Summer School consists of three tracks of which you can choose one

Rasch modeling and all that lies behind it — a perfect introduction to item response theory for those who want to start the psychometric journey. Your teachers: Dr. Christine FoxDr. Svetlana Beltyukova (PhD., The University of Toledo). More info here.

The application for the track is now closed.


Measuring rater effects — advanced psychometric methods, Many-Facet Rasch Modeling and Hierarchical Generalized Linear Modeling, are perfect for analyzing rater bias and any other feature of the assessment. Your teacher: Lidia Dobria (PhD, Wilbur Wright College). More info here.


Cognitive Diagnostic Modeling — novel psychometric framework specifically designed to generate more meaningful diagnostic output for more effective feedback to participants.

Your teacher: Jimmy de la Torre (PhD, The University of Hong Kong). More info here.


Participants in the Psychometrics Summer School will benefit from:

- In-depth theoretical knowledge and illustrative empirical examples

- Experience of new software and packages

- Dedicated consultation time with teachers to ask questions of particular interest

Networking with other Summer School participants and teachers

- Certificate of participation in the Summer School

Enjoying the nature and culture of Armenia, the heart of the mountainous Caucasus region between Asia and Europe.



Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of statistics, psychological and educational assessment.  The Summer School courses assume the use of various software. Please note that you will need your own laptop.



Our schedule: 

four working days (Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri) with four classes per day. The fourth class of the day is dedicated to the practice and the consultations.

one excursion day (Wed) includes a tour to the picturesque places near Yerevan and the gala dinner.

the last day (Sat) is a day for Wrap-Up.



How to register: 

Send your application and motivation letter via the link.


We kindly ask you to send us a motivation letter to make sure that the Psychometric Summer School meets your expectations. Deadline: 10 May


Receive an acceptance letter (in one week after your application). 


Pay as an early bird with a discount or use a late registration option.

- The early bird payment deadline: 20 May.

- The late payment deadline: 17 June.



Fees: You can only choose one track. The fees include course attendance, course materials, consultations, lunches, and coffee breaks, the one-day tour, and the gala dinner. Travel and accommodation expenses are covered by the participants themselves.


- The early bird registration fee is 600 Euro. 

- The late registration fee is 700 Euro.

- We invite MA and PhD students with a fee of 500 Euro (both early bird payment and late payment). 



The academic supervisor of the Psychometric Summer School is Prof. Dr. Elena Kardanova. 

Prof. Dr. Elena Kardanova has been a director of the Summer Schools in the field of applied psychometrics since 2015. You can read more about the previous Summer Schools: 

- 2019, Moscow 

- 2018, SpB 


Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Alina Ivanova at [email protected]

You can participate in a grant competition!

Grant competition!

We offer a discount for participation in the tracks Measuring rater effects and Cognitive Diagnostic Modeling! The final cost for 20 winners of the grant competition will be 350 Euros (50% discount).


For participation in the grant competition:

1. Submit your application and motivation letter. Start your motivation letter with the keyword "Grand․"

2. Explain in your motivation letter why you are interested in participating in the track of your choice.

3. Submit your application by 1 May 2023.


The results will be sent to you by email on 8 May 2023.


See you at the Psychometric Summer School!

 17 July - 22 July 2023  (Yerevan, Armenia)