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Summer Media School

Ayb Educational Foundation, with grant support from Eurasia Partnership Foundation, realized a Summer Media School program aimed at giving high school students knowledge and skills for producing media of different genres and formats. The courses were both theoretical and practical. The Summer Media School program helped students gain experience in media and communication production, find out the advantages and disadvantages of each media type, and as a result create independent media. Moreover, the participants of the program learned how to have a critical approach to mass media materials, differentiate between lower and higher quality media outlets and programs, look for biases in any given publication, analyze the material in comparison with other publications of the given media, browse other materials on the subject and thus have an objective and accurate overview.


The classes were conducted at Ayb High School where a media team was formed, which is now responsible for video production related to school activities and lessons. In addition, the filming of Ayb School’s “Moments of Sincerity” project was also elaborated and put on a more professional ground. At “Moments of Sincerity” students host guests who have reached success in life thanks to education and who serve as a positive and inspiring example to follow. Thanks to the efforts of the media team, ten meetings of “Moments of Sincerity” were filmed and published on the school’s website. Thanks to the media team, the dream of Ayb students to turn the “Moments of Sincerity” into a TV show is about to become a reality. Negotiations are underway with one of the local televisions. Thus, the project, which began as a local initiative, will grow into a larger one and involving students from other high schools of Yerevan as well.


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We thank all the organizations listed below for their valuable support in the realization of this project:


Eurasia Partnership Foundation



62 students

participated in the Summer Media School

10-12 graders from different regions of Armenia participated in media literacy, film shooting and editing courses free of charge.

  • Summer Media School
  • Summer Media School
  • Summer Media School
  • Summer Media School
  • Summer Media School

4 participants

decided to become directors

26 films

were shot and edited during the program

14 video classes

were filmed in schools of various regions of Armenia