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Dilijan Central School

In 2013, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Armenia, Ayb opened the Dilijan Central School which belongs to the Ayb Schools family and is the first schooling project realized by external order and funding. The collaboration between the Ayb Educational Foundation and the Central Bank of Armenia resulted in the creation of an urban school model available not only to the employees of the Central Bank’s branch in Dilijan, but to children of any family living in Dilijan as well. Moreover, the Central Bank of Armenia covers the tuition of all students studying at school, thus giving equal opportunities of best education to all.


Dilijan Central School is a basic school with its elementary and middle components. The school occupies a learning space of 4,500 m2 and is composed of several low-rise, newly constructed, fully equipped buildings. The school's ideology, physical environment and educational content (subject curricula, including the work of psychologist and speech therapist, teaching methodology, student admission and teacher recruitment policies, assessment criteria, etc.) meet Ayb’s standards. The school provides an environment for complete and competitive education in order to shape a generation of young people who have strong spiritual values, virtue, high aesthetic taste and a drive for a healthy lifestyle.


For the project management, the Dilijan Central School Educational Foundation was established, with its supreme governing body being the Board of Trustees.


The DCS faculty involves 29 teachers and artists, of which:

•    2 hold a Ph.D
•    1 is a Master of Sports
•    7 have worked, earned degrees or studied abroad
•    13 have a teaching practice of ten or more years
The DCS teachers come from Yerevan (25%), Dilijan (31%), Vanadzor (13%), Ijevan (6%), and Vardenis (3%). Twenty-two percent of the faculty combine working in Yerevan and Dilijan.


The establishment and successful operation of the Dilijan Central School is Ayb’s first endeavor of spreading the full education platform, now called Araratian Baccalaureate, developed and upgraded within Ayb’s educational programs.

In its first year of operation, the Dilijan Central School managed to impact several interconnected spheres: educational, cultural, social, and communal. Dilijan’s previously monotonous reality is now filled with many interesting educational, cultural and community-building events as a result of the new culture of school-community collaboration that Ayb has introduced. The school comes up regularly with initiatives aimed at community development and cooperation between other Dilijan schools as well. The activities and open lessons organized by the school have had a positive influence on students, parents, family members and residents, and have broadened the scope of their knowledge in various fields, appreciation of the importance of religious and national holidays, and achievement of results due to joint efforts.


We cooperate
We thank all the organizations listed below for their valuable support in the realization of this project:


Central Bank of Armenia
Dilijan community center
“Step by Step” Benevolent Foundation
ATP charitable foundation
UWC Dilijan



of the student body of Dilijan Central School are locals.

31% of students are from Yerevan, and 3% are from Vanadzor and Ijevan.

  • Dilijan Central School
  • Dilijan Central School
  • Dilijan Central School
  • Dilijan Central School
  • Dilijan Central School
  • Dilijan Central School
  • Dilijan Central School

135 students

study at Dilijan Central School (grades 1-9), as of October 31


the ratio of students of personnel of the Central Bank and other local families

The educational philosophy of the Dilijan Central School, as that of the Ayb School, is anchored on the following 8 key principles:


Wholeness of Learning

Ayb aims at molding students into comprehensively educated, spiritually rich (virtuous) and physically healthy people. The school combines sciences, humanities, arts and sports. 



Learning In Depth

We provide opportunities to learn in depth, explore and reveal their potential in their favorite subjects.



Our goal is to not only equip our students with knowledge but also mold morally chaste personalities with a strong connection to their identity, as well as a sense of belonging and responsibility towards society.



One of Ayb’s prime assets is the community of bright personalities who have gathered around the schooling project. Their presence at school and examples as role models have a significant impact on students, giving them the confidence to actualize their aspirations through education.



DCS is equipped with advanced technologies that help students bring creative ideas to life, keep pace with science and test their knowledge in real time.


Creative Activity

We strive to fully reveal the creative potential of our students and promote the expression and development of their creative activity.


The Art of Work

Students learn to manage their time, set priorities, make a distinction between what’s important and what’s not, and establish other skills of effective work planning.


Social Responsibility

We instill in our students such values as mutual help, respect for others’ opinions and ideas, appreciation for work, integrity, and so on.