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Օne of the first projects of Ayb Educational Foundation was the opening of modern and technologically equipped subject laboratories – AybLabs, and the improvement of teaching methodologies in them. AybLabs are holistic laboratory complexes, with their unique solutions, furnishings and equipment, communication and security systems. AybLabs aim to create learning environments where students will be eager to learn, explore and create. Here they have the opportunity to discover their potential, conduct experiments, come up with small inventions, and sow the seeds of their future success.

Thanks to AybLab, an exemplary model of a state-of-the-art subject-based lab was created. It not only became widespread thanks to the efforts and financial investments of Ayb Foundation, but also became a precedent for the new labs to be introduced in various schools throughout Armenia.


Following Ayb’s example, other schools highlighted the importance of having such laboratories and thus came up with the initiative of opening an AybLab in their schools. Previously school philanthropy was limited to only classroom renovation or computer donations. AybLabs made philanthropy for schools more systematic and targeted, serving as an example for directing new financial resources to schools and long-term investments in overall development of the education sector.

Artashes Shahinyan Physics-Mathematics School in Yerevan, Benhur Pakhchanian Physics AybLab. The lab is used for physics and astronomy classes.

Artashes Shahinyan Physics-Mathematics School in Yerevan, Chemistry AybLab. The lab is used for chemistry and biology classes. The opening of the Physics and Chemistry AybLabs at Physics-Mathematics School was possible thanks to the support of two of Ayb co-founders, David Pakhchanian and Karo Sargsyan.

Berd Secondary School #1, Berd (Tavush region), Haykaz Mezhlumyan Informatics AybLab. The lab is used for classes of informatics and other subjects requiring computer equipment. The opening of Informatics AybLab at Berd School was sponsored by Ayb co-founder Arthur Berd.

Kajaran Secondary Schools #1 and #2, Kajaran (Syunik region), first Ecology AybLabs in the region. The labs are used for classes of the “Kajaran: Science and Ecology” subject and the “Ecology” clubs of the schools. These labs are used for organizing the classes of natural sciences, astronomy, geography and even foreign Languages in compliance with modern requirements. The opening of the two Ecology AybLabs was sponsored by the Kajaran Municipality.


Khachatur Abovyan Basic School #4, Vagharshapat (Armavir region), Physics AybLab. The lab is used for classes of physics and natural sciences.

Khachatur Abovyan Basic School #4, Vagharshapat (Armavir region), Chemistry and Biology AybLabs. The opening of the three labs at Vagharshapat School were financed from the school’s reserve fund.

Eight more laboratories based on the AybLab concept and technologies function at two Ayb Schools, in Yerevan and Dilijan. Ayb School has Physics, Chemistry-Biology and Robotics Labs, the construction and furnishing of which were financed by Ayb Foundation within the framework of the general project of the school building. Science, Carpentry, Technology and Informatics Labs were opened at Dilijan Central School established by Ayb Foundation and financed by Central Bank of Armenia. All AybLabs and Ayb School labs will be united in a common AybLab network in the future to enable schools to use the resources jointly and to foster cooperation, exchange of practice and information, and implementation of joint projects.

The existence of AybLabs in the mentioned schools has significantly raised students’ interest and love towards subjects taught in the labs. The schools have also observed overall performance growth. Intensive trainings and club activities are also organized in the labs. The number of children involved in these trainings and clubs has increased after the launch of the AybLabs.


We cooperate
We thank all the organizations listed below for their valuable support in the realization of this project:


Yerevan A. Shahinyan Physics-Mathematics Special School under Yerevan State University
Berd #1 secondary school
Qajaran #1 and #2 schools
Vagharshapat #4 Kh. Abovian Basic School
Kajaran City Hall
JATO Architectural Studio



8 AybLabs

in 5 schools in 4 regions of Armenia

opened by Ayb Educational Foundation.

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  • AybLab


Ayb spent on the development of the first two AybLabs.

$13,500 x 6

allotted from the schools’ internal funds or raised from donations, was invested in the creation of the other six AybLabs

AybLabs are:



They are designed based on the best local and international practices.


Technically equipped

They comply with modern technological and professional standards.



They meet the requirements of safety and ergonomics.



They provide the opportunity to conduct real and virtual experiments.


Designed based on “one desk, one device” principle

They grant every student the chance to personally conduct experiments.


Aimed at advanced learning

They ensure not only general education, but also advanced-level curriculum application.