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Ayb Learning Hub

Ayb Learning Hub is one of Ayb’s core and large-scale projects. It’s the first school campus in Armenia, each element of which is education-related and helps shape a generation of educated, competitive and virtuous young people. Ayb Learning Hub is a platform where pedagogy, science, art, business and other areas come together. We aim to create a real link between the leading areas of life development and not restrict the learning process to just imparting knowledge.


The unique architectural solutions of the Ayb Learning Hub are a joint product of Armenian architects and leading specialists from MIT and Harvard University. It is anchored on modern developments observed in school building and the best practices worldwide. The Hub is a unique micro model of social life with all its infrastructures – school, science and technology center, fab lab, church and community center, kindergarten, sports complex, dormitories, green areas, and so on. It covers an area of 6.95 ha at 11/11 Tbilisi Highway in Arabkir District in Yerevan. The Hub is intended for 800 students and has a three-level system – elementary (1-4 grades), middle (5-9 grades) and high (10-12 grades) schools.


The school is the key component of the Ayb Learning Hub. We view the school as not just an institution for imparting knowledge and skills, but rather more broadly. The school shapes a person as a society member and as a bearer of certain general awareness. The school serves as a hub for transferring universal achievements as well as the heritage of a particular nation.


Presently Yerevan is home to Ayb elementary, middle and high schools, all equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and labs. The school buildings stand out with their beautiful and convenient solutions that simply inspire students to study. In the coming years, the Ayb Learning Hub will expand to include new buildings. The entire architectural project of the education camp drafted by “Storaket” architectural studio has already been approved. In cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Ayb opened a fab lab – a workshop laboratory – adjacent to the school. It grants students the chance to use their theoretical knowledge in practice and produce prototypes of virtually anything by using innovative technologies. The construction of the Holy Translators Church and community center is also underway. The next phase will mark the launch of the new high school construction (covering an area of around 10,000 m2). It will offer more powerful educational, scientific and sport environments and opportunities. Next the construction of the new elementary school (6,000 m2) is scheduled. At the same time the program of the science and technology center is being designed and finalized.


The Ayb Learning Hub is a foundation, governed by the Board of Trustees comprised of Ayb’s founding members, donors, public figures and people of art. Ayb is a social structure. It does not have owners and shareholders. Moreover, the Ayb High School is the first social project in Armenia’s non-government education sector; each year, Ayb grants scholarships (reimbursement of tuition fees) to over 70% of its high school students.


We cooperate
We thank all the organizations listed below for their valuable support in the realization of this project:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
Storaket Architectural Studio




has already been invested in the Ayb Learning Hub project

(in 2010-2015)

  • Ayb Learning Hub
  • Ayb Learning Hub
  • Ayb Learning Hub
  • Ayb Learning Hub

7 ha of land

with its 8 educational components meant for 800 students

190 donors from 10 countries

(individual and corporate) have already joined Ayb’s schooling project (as of December 31, 2015)

7.000 m2 of

learning area in Ayb School’s current three buildings

The components of the Ayb Learning Hub are:



The school functions as a forge for shaping a society member and a bearer of certain universal awareness. The school is the hub for transferring the national heritage as well as universal achievements.


Church and community center

The presence of the church at Ayb educational campus symbolizes the connection between cognition and moral values. Ayb School is a secular school, and the Holy Translators Church will operate not adjacent to the school, but will rather be a part of the large educational hub. It will belong to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin; it will serve the Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun communities and will be open to everyone.


Fab lab

Fab lab is a workshop laboratory that allows students to create prototypes and carry out research work in robotics, physics, technology, engineering and other disciplines, as well as creates a new platform for experiments open to young scientists.


Science and technology center

The center-museum underscores the importance of experimental science and stimulates young peoples’ interest in science and science-related careers. The museum also contributes to teacher development, enriches the school curriculum, complements school laboratory facilities, and makes science accessible for people of all ages.


Sports complex

Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit. The sports complex at Ayb Learning Hub will meet the needs of mandatory subjects of sport, as well as healthy lifestyle and activity.



Preschool children should be integrated into the process of complete education. The kindergarten aims to reveal and develop children's potential from an early age, fostering their love towards learning.


Dormitories and guesthouse

The dormitories and guesthouses accommodate students and teachers from the regions of Armenia and abroad, and guests of the Hub.


Green areas

The school is surrounded by green areas serving an area for recreation, community gathering, as well as a favorable environment for learning and healthy lifestyle.