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Ayb Hybrid Learning for Global

Program description

Ayb Hybrid Learning is an innovative platform that aims to make excellent education available to everyone, everywhere. The program is based on the internationally recognized Araratian Baccalaureate (AB) program and offers a competitive and complete education, using modern technologies, the latest methodologies, and network solutions.

Since last year, the program has successfully managed to unite 66 young people from the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh with its innovative and competitive educational approach. Now the program announces a call for the Armenian teenagers (who are already 15 years old) in the Diaspora for the years 2022-2024. The project aims to unite Armenian teenagers around their homeland and give them an opportunity to enrich their knowledge of their own culture with new colors.



Who can apply?

The launch of the program will be given in October 2022. It will last for 15 months. Though the program is designed to be taught online, at the end of it, the participants will have the opportunity to visit Armenia for two weeks. During the visit, they will closely work with their teams on their projects, carry out some laboratory work, and take part in discussions with reputable specialists. Also, all the participants will have a unique chance to stand closer to the history and culture of Armenia.

Students are welcome to apply regardless of the level of prior knowledge of Armenian subjects. The selection of participants will be held on a competitive basis.

The student's weekly occupation will be 10 hours.


Advantages of the program:

 A chance to implement projects solving real problems (project-based learning)

Expanding direct connections within the Armenian and Armenological circles

Getting a certain clarification on the future path by working on the real projects

Developing soft skills through teamwork and enriching the admission portfolio to prestigious universities.

Participating actively and getting involved in public/civic life

 An opportunity to get an internationally qualified certificate credited by more than 139 universities in the world by passing an exam in one of these subjects: mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry (by student's choice).

Program components (schedule)

Implementation of a group project, applied or research, in any field related to Armenia (scientific, historical, and cultural)

Learning or enhancing the knowledge of the Armenian language and history

Course on one of these subjects: mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry (by student's choice), with the possibility of taking an internationally recognized exam

Courses to develop soft skills, creative thinking, and research skills

Lectures and meetings with prominent speakers

Course on Identity and Values

Career orientation meetings and visits

Community gatherings and discussions



Admission requirements

To apply for the program, click HERE.


List of documents required for application (photographed or scanned):

Applicant's photo (size 3x4 cm)

Identification card or passport

A letter from the school, stating the applicant's current grade, GPA over the last 3 years, and what program he/she is studying

Documents that are valuable to the applicant: diplomas, certificates, honors, letters of commendation, certificates, letters of thanks, etc. (if available, up to 5 pieces)

Evidence of English language proficiency (if available) that helps the applicant to be exempted from the English subject test (e.g., a certificate from an educational institution, stating that English is the main language of instruction, or an international test result confirming a high level of English: Cambridge ESOL KET, TOEFL JUNIOR, IELTS, official document)


Application deadline: September 30

Entrance exams: October 7-8


Armenian language level check

English language level check; minimum A2 



* In case the student wants to obtain a graduation certificate approved by the University of Cambridge and accepted by more than 100 internationally prestigious universities







The fee for the 15 months of Ayb Hybrid Learning is USD 7,000, which also includes all the expenses of the visit to Armenia except travel expenses. In the case of choosing one additional STEM subject, USD 700 is added to the fee.

Payment procedure

After getting admitted, the student will sign a contract, according to which the payment is required to be done in three stages:

until November 20, 2022 - 40%;

until April 15, 2023 - 40%;

until September 15, 2023 - 20%.


Contact us for any questions: +374 93 010 861, +374 77 010 863,

or send a letter to the following email address: [email protected]