What drives us

We believe in the idea of transformation through education. We act for the sake of a better future for our children. And we make that future closer day by day with our work.

We are a team of visionaries and a community of hundreds of bright individuals united around the idea of education. Each Ayb supporter stands apart as an example to follow, and they all come together to create a new learning culture in Armenia.

We see the results of our efforts today and we strive to achieve more tomorrow.


donors and benefactors


Ayb School leads the chart in its subgroup of the national ranking of schools


416 students study at Ayb Schools

What makes us proud

Every time when thanks to Ayb one talented Armenian student gets better opportunities for education, registers new achievements and victories, we feel happiness and satisfaction.

We are proud that through education we mould a new generation connected to their roots and committed to assume responsibility for the future. We are proud that we are part of this big and virtuous work.

We are proud that we are Ayb!


students participated in Kangaroo 2015 in Armenia and Artsakh


students participated in Meghu 2014 in Armenia and Artsakh


70000+ number of downloads of the Autoschool mobile app developed by Ayb students


Ayb’s idea of transformation through education has brought together a remarkably diverse group of individuals with best qualities. The key of our successes are people:

Our team

which has been making dreams come true for a good 9 years thanks to professionalism, responsibility and care.

Our teachers

who kindle the light of learning desire in our students thanks to their talent and creativity.

Our benefactors

who invest their time, authority and resources for the development of education.

Our students

who are our true asset and who, with their achievements and innovative endeavors, come to prove that we’re doing the right thing.

We are thankful

By joining the Ayb projects, you will enrich and empower our cause with your experience, efforts and new qualities. Any contribution is precious for us. Every dollar counts.

Donate now! Every dollar counts.

Just leave your email, and we will get back to you to help to choose the most suitable option of support.


Ayb is 10 Years Old

Ayb is 10 Years Old

Today is a day of celebration at Ayb: Today marks the 10th birth anniversary of Ayb Club and Ayb Educational Foundation’s vision. Ten years […]

Ayb’s educational technologies now in Artsakh

Ayb’s educational technologies now in Artsakh

On February 1, President of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan received the Ayb delegation headed by Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ayb School, Director of the National […]

A New Member Joined Ayb Club

A New Member Joined Ayb Club

Sahak Petrosyan (USA) has joined Ayb’s common cause becoming a Club member. Ayb cordially welcomes the new Club member’s accession.

Kangaroo 2016 launched

Kangaroo 2016 launched

This is the 8th year in Armenia and 6th year in Artsakh that the Ayb Educational Foundation is organizing the most popular school competition in the world — the Kangaroo International Math Contest. […]


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